Welcome to Westside Church of Christ

The Westside Church of Christ in Alvin Texas is a body of believers who seek to serve and glorify the only true and living God. We trust the Word of God given to us in the Bible and believe that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, on earth to die for our sins. Accordingly, we put our faith in God’s power to save, repenting of our sins, and participating in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ through baptism.Our church is under the leadership of elders, also called shepherds or overseers. These leaders are charged with nurturing the flock in a manner that promotes spiritual growth, to express a loving desire to save the lost, and to grow in a deeper understanding of God’s Word. As a congregation, we continue to follow God’s plan in our lives, having a desire to share our love for Christ with others.

We meet regularly to worship together, with singing, prayers, communion, and edifying sermons. We also get together often for in-depth Bible studies.

We invite you to join us!